Our People who are taking refuge in Israel Are Heroes, and not agents By: Elias Bejjani


For those who accuse our people in Israel to be agents: Your stance is wrong, not fair and not informed. Dear, our beloved people who took refuge in Israel in year 2000 are patriotic and heroes. They never ever betrayed Lebanon or the Lebanese cause. For 25 years they were abandoned by all Lebanese governments and left alone to fight and defend their lives, honor, properties, existence and land against all sorts of Islamists, Terrorists, and Arabists. They accepted the Israeli help and had no other choice as did all the Christians in Lebanon during the war era. They were never puppets or agents for Israel or any other regional powers. Meanwhile Hezbollah, Amal, the Arabists groups, the Fundamentalists etc were and still are mere mercenaries for Syria, Iran, and other countries.. In year 2000 Israel withdraw from S. Lebanon and was not forced to do so. The withdrawal was unilateral and for domestic Israeli reasons and not because of the terrorist Iranian Hezbollah. 6000 Southern Lebanese took refuge in Israel because Hassan Nasrallah threatened to cut their neck. Since than they are not allowed to return and those who did were put on trial for treason charges. In this patriotic context all those who pass away in Israel have all left a will to be buried In Lebanon because they love their land and want to embrace its soil till the Judgment Day. Our people in Israel deserve to be

awarded the highest medals of appreciation and honor and not evilly and unfairly tagged of treason and betraya

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